C8 eLED (L2)

C8 eLED (L2)

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The C8 eLED L2 is a versatile & durable primary dive
light offering a powerful, penetrating beam in a lightweight,
compact package. Boasting a huge increase
in beam output from the L1 model, the L2 runs on 8 C
cell alkaline batteries, or can produce 1200 lumens
(1080 of those are in the center beam) with the airlinesafe,
long-life, rechargeable battery pack!

• Tough rubber bezel protects against impact
• Patented Lumen Booster: Improves LED efficiency by pulling heat away from the LEDs
• Dual Power: Locking switch toggles from high to low power
• Will Not Corrode: Tough Composite Body, HYDRALUM® and Polymer components
  will hold up for 20 years in seawater
• Ergonomic pistol grip for a comfortable hold
• Dimensions (LxWxH):  18,29 x 18,03 x 8,13 cm

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